Corporate Video Scriptwriting

We’ve written hundreds of scripts for corporate videos, and love the process of discovery of a new company or product.  To help smooth out the process and hopefully give some tips and tricks that can help, here’s how we generally do it.

First things first – we need to know about your company.

You work at your company, and your processes, systems, and your vision should be second nature to you.  You understand the acronyms, know who’s going out with who, and what products sell the best.  It’s great.  But remember one core thing – we don’t.  We really don’t know anything at the start, we’ve worked with a lot of industries across the spectrum of business, but we probably don’t know you.  To start things off, we will check out your website, your ‘about us’ and your vision and mission.

Now, when you’re making a corporate video, you’re quite often updating your website too, including all of the above, and we need to know this so we get a strong idea of where your company is going, how you’re going there and what your priorities are for the years ahead.  Yes we can sign an NDA, but do make sure that we know what you truly want or need in this video so the script can hit the mark.  Send us way too much information, PDFs, PowerPoints, previous corporate videos, anything that you have, so we can get a clear idea of who you are, and where you are going.  And try and keep the acronyms to a minimum.  



Video direction

Next we need to know what this video is for.  Commonly, corporate videos are a general view of your company – who you are, what you offer, and where you are going.  But sometimes it might be something more specific, for example we have done many videos for IPOs, which need to show details about macroeconomics and the long-term future, which might not be necessary for a simpler corporate.  Make sure that we know what you need.



Script, version 1

This is the time we usually submit a first draft of the video script, which is completed in 2-3 days after receiving the above.  The most important thing to remember about this script is that you may well not like it.  It’s missing bits.  It doesn’t mention the new factory you’ve just opened in New Delhi.  It forgot that you’re selling in the US now.  Remember, we’re trying to sell your entire company in 2-3 minutes, we can’t say it all, but make sure it’s saying what you need it to.

Read the script out loud, does it flow?  Does it say what you want it to say?  Does it sound like ‘you’?  Get one person in the company to collate all feedback from all interested parties, and send it through to us.  Feel free to rip up the whole thing and start again if you like.  This is the time for solid, honest feedback, and for you to have a solid think about what you want this video to be, and where you want it to go.



Script, version 2

After the battlefield that is the first draft, we then move on to the second draft.  This should be significantly closer to what you are looking for, as we have factored in all the feedback from version 1.  Make sure, again, that all stakeholders are checking out everything about the script, this could include the CEO at this point, and do make sure that they actually read it.  The more people included in this stage, the less painful the post production and approval process will be.



Script, final version

Hopefully this is version 3 but we can get a little stuck in v2 depending on how many opinions are flying around, but do make sure to take the time to get the script to the level that you want it, it saves so much time and cost in the later stages of production if we take time here.  Make sure, when you approve it, that you have actually read it, properly thought about your company, and you are happy with it.  Any doubts should be addressed now.  No really, now.  Then we can move on to pre-production and get the perfect video ready for you.