Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA

We have been working with the lovely team at Little Roos to create their content, which is sold through various channels including Amazon FBA in Australia.  As a fun toy brand, Little Roos has had a lot of freedom to have a variety of different styles of video and content, whilst keeping to their brand guidelines.  In the guide below we’ll be including some tips and tricks that we’ve discovered along the way whilst working on this Amazon FBA journey with the team.


What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA uses the power of Amazon to take away a lot of the headache of managing stock in your business.  You create the product, ship it to their warehouse, and they do the rest, including picking, packing and sending to customers, and even handling the customer service side.  Using Fulfilled by Amazon isn’t free but it takes away a huge amount of the hassle of running a business as you never have to worry about physically handling stock, only about ensuring that the stock is high quality, and that people want to buy it.  You do that by either creating a listing on Amazon if it’s a new product, or making an ‘offer’ on an existing listing if it’s a product that’s already available on Amazon.

We’re not going to go in-depth here about Amazon FBA and recommend that you check out tutorials on it if you’re interested in starting an FBA business.



What does Film Me do for Amazon FBA businesses?

You can just put your stock on Amazon and hope for the best, but this doesn’t ensure you’re winning the buy box, getting as many customers as you want, or ensuring you get the right customers.  To get brand awareness, and have people actively seeking your product, you need to have a brand, and strong video content backing it up.  That’s where we can help.



What does video content do?

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular search engines.  You don’t always think about it after Google, but it’s an incredibly important source of customers and revenue.  If you don’t have any videos, the tens of thousands of people who search for products just like yours will end up going for the competitor.  Also, and just as importantly, strong video content, or any video content for that matter, will drive up the SEO for your website and improve its page rank.  Also it makes customers believe in your product, that you’re not just another website.  You can also have your videos link directly to your Amazon page, and make money through Amazon’s Affiliates program.



What video content do you offer?

We can, of course, make whatever you like, but the core videos we make most often for our various clients are normal introductory product videos, and bulk slideshow videos.



Introductory Product Videos

With these videos we receive your product, commonly sent to us via Fedex, and we’ll film an introduction to your product here in our office, edit it and send you the file across.  The only limit to this is our time, but we can create videos for as many products as you need.  We can also create graphics to top and tail your video, and even upload them to your YouTube with product descriptions and links back to your website.  This takes approximately 1-2 weeks after receiving the products to complete, depending on the number of products.  



Bulk Slideshow Videos

These videos are more basic, but are a great step to improve your website’s SEO and traffic to your Amazon pages.  For these we require your company logo, photos of each product you sell, with some details about each product.  We will then create a video template, and create a bulk collection of videos in the same format, one for each product.  These can be created quickly and easily, with a simple cost per product, but do require that we have clean product photos sent to us beforehand and organisation on your end to ensure your catalogue is clear.



How do I start?

We are here to help and know that this can be a little confusing at first.  Feel free to contact us anytime with what you want – we have a policy of making sure customers get what they need and strong honest feedback, and won’t take on any work unless we’re happy it will add value to you.