Who are we?

We write, film and edit
for a huge array of clients worldwide.

Clients now require a large amount of web content for their social media pages, and also are looking for a quick, simple and lower-budget option for corporate video production. We have bases in Dubai and Sydney.

Our services

Our staff work with you to understand exactly what video content you need. You may have a clear idea of what you want, or may need some guidance. We are happy to meet up with you to discuss what you need. Check out our Production Process tab for more information on how everything works.

Tailored to you

Send us your corporate profile and everything you want to have included in your video. We'll write you a script, which you then verify and amend according to your requirements.

Extensive experience filming across the World

Our staff have filmed worldwide, from Brazil to the British Virgin Islands to Egypt, Bangladesh, China, Australia and Japan, and speak multiple languages.

On or Off Site

Our quickest on-site edit was 30 separate videos filmed on separate days, each one required within 45 minutes of filming completion. If you need a fast on-site edit let us know, as it requires considerable logistical planning to ensure it works smoothly. Off-site we have a roster of over 15 international editors, as well as 4 staff who edit in-house. Check out our post production section

End-to-End Service
We'll get your video done

It takes dedication and hard work to bring a video to full completion, and we are with you every step of the way to ensure that it is completed on time and on budget. We will help guide you to ensure the video is completed just how you like it.

Web content
Beautiful images tailored for online usage

The majority of our videos end up online, which means factoring in ensuring you get the right size and format, that you can upload it easily, and ensuring the video is short and interesting for an online audience to view and share.

4K content
Incredible quality 4K content for future-proof videos

We have an Arri Alexa Mini, a 4K camera that has beautiful image quality. Check out our 'documentary' section for a sample of what this camera can do.

Beautiful videos
that cost less than you think

We are proud to make anything look artistic and beautiful, whether it's a factory somewhere in an industrial zone, to a beautiful shoot on an island in the atlantic ocean, we are dedicated to make it work.

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