Welcome to Film Me

Our staff work to create content for local and international clients from our global offices, including San Francisco and Vancouver. The majority of our videos are for online usage, and are filmed in both HD and 4K depending on client requirements.

Experience filming in San Francisco & Vancouver, as well as further afield in the UK, Japan, Brazil, the Middle East and multiple others.

Proud to have worked with large international brands for their web content, including SAP, Chanel, Swarovski, Toyota, Nissan, Porsche and many others.

approach to every customer

Our first video with a customer always takes a while as we learn your branding guidelines and exactly what content you need. We’re there for the long term, and will always work tirelessly to make your content perfect.

HD Content
as standard

We have never filmed in less than HD, and now have 4K filming available on the Arri Alexa Mini. All your content can be delivered online.

Corporate Video

We have extensive experience making corporate video content for local and international clients. From scriptwriting to editing to voiceover recording, our corporate videos are known for being effective for your company, and completed to your deadline.

Tough deadlines

Most of our videos are completed within a week, with corporate videos taking 2 weeks or more depending on content. If you need something quickly, talk to us and we’ll see what we can do.


We have worked on multiple on-site edits. Our fastest on-site edit so far was when the edit time was 45 minutes before it was on screen. Recent videos for IWC and KPMG were delivered on the day, on site.


We have 4 in-house editors working with us, and 15 freelance editors worldwide who we work with regularly. With our global network can have our editors working whilst you sleep, so the edit is ready for you in the morning.

San Francisco Filming Permission

We will work with you to get the filming permission you need.

Let us know
what you need

Our budgets generally range from $3k-$30k, with some leeway either side. We’ll send you a realistic budget endeavouring to factor in everything you need.

Contact Us
We work regularly with Getty Images, Toyota, Nissan, Del Monte, Chanel, Swarovski, SAP, P&G, Cadbury, Olay, Pantene and multiple others. - we can’t actually count them all to be honest

A few screen grabs

Filmed in Italy

We have in-house Arri Alexa Mini, and EOS 5D Mkiii cameras with lighting and sound equipment.

Filming in Dubai

We’ve never filmed below full HD, and deliver all our beautiful content online.

Call us, WhatsApp us, iMessage us
or even go retro and send an SMS

From a huge corporate to that event video you need tonight and forgot about, just let us know what you need. John Paul is generally in San Francisco and available to talk to you anytime, Rupert is a nomad who moves around a lot filming worldwide.

Some of our Team

John Paul

John Paul is proud to call the Bay Area home for the past decade and manages the local office, producing all our local content in the city. He is a fluent French speaker.


Rupert Chesman has filmed across the world, from Brazil to Japan, and speaks an annoying amount of languages and has extensive experience scriptwriting, filming and editing. You can see more of his work on his website.